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Mathematics A Good Beginning – Now A Series Of Books


Our Major Text (K-8)

Mathematics A Good Beginning (MGB) (K—8) has been on the market for years providing exemplary learning materials. It comes with its own eBook and several effective ancillaries — the Resource Action Pack and the MGB Study Guides. The 7th Edition has an abundance of new features. 
  •    The Common Core State Standards are fully integrated.
  •    CCSS Mathematical Practices are demonstrated.
  •    Trajectories and Expectations are aligned with children’s activities.
  •    Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) is illuminated for each topic.
  •    An Instructional Blueprint is given to help design activities for children.

 Our art work teaches!

The New Kid On The Block (PK-3)

Look for the release of Mathematics A Good Beginning (PK—3), a full-featured textbook designed for PK—3.

MGB sells for MUCH LESS than competitive texts, yet its features are SUPERIOR !

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